Forest of TomorrowEdit

A theme park of tomorrows technology today. Or was it yesterday? Created by the Nuclear Family , each part of the park is used for a specific purpose for everyone in the family to enjoy. Whether it be genetics, cooking, robotics or even finding love. This park has it all.


The BaconingEdit

In The Baconing, DeathSpank comes across the Forest of Tomorrow and meets Betty Nuclear and Muteo trying to find the next Bacon Fire. To find the enxt fire, DeathSpank must bring together the Nuclear Family for a meal. Unfortunetly, none of them want to and are too busy with their "work". So, it is up to DeathSpank to pry them from whatever they are doing to get what he wants. Even if it means hitting a few unarmed robots here and there.

Park MascotEdit

Like any type of family theme park, The Forest of Tomorrows adorable yet creepy mascot is the one and only, Mutoe. Mutoe is a creation of pure food and was created by all four members of the Nuclear family. He will greet you at the park entrance as well as ask you to kill/eat him.

Park LocationsEdit

With the park there are a few different locations. Such as..

  • Foodnasium of Tomorrow
  • Pleasuretorium
  • Farm of Tomorrow
  • Clone-A-Torium
  • Candy Land of Tomorrow
  • Love Valley
  • and Ima's House?


"...taste like science to me"

Pictures Yay!!Edit

Nuclear Family

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