Rainbow's End Edit

Known as the biggest casino and also the worlds most corrupt one as well in The Baconing . Run by the infamous Leprachaun Mob Family, you'lll find slot machines, craps tables, felt, cyborques, mines, old faces, degenerate gamblers and best of all, McMafia, the leader of the Mob.

Leprachaun MobEdit

The Boss of the mafia, McMafie Leader, runs Rainbow's End and its wonderful "legal" gambling casino. He may even offer you something you can not refuse. Whether it be rigging slot machines, attacking crazy nuns, or finding clovers in th deadly clover mines. Whether your apart of the "family" or not, the other members of the Leprachaun mob will atack you on site. Be careful around them, I hear there opera shows are to die for...literally....everyone dies when they go see one.



Areas of InterestEdit

  • Cyborgue Camps
  • Casino Grounds
  • Crazy nuns
  • Clover Mines
  • Slot Machine Repair Room
  • Opera House...smells like bacon.

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