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The Fires of Bacon (a.k.a. Porcilin Flame) are the origin place of the Thongs of Virtue.

Created by Sandy Bravitor's Grandfather long ago. There were supposed to be 9 Thongs in all, but due to upper management only 6 were created using the Fires of Bacon.

Each Thong was created from one Bacon Fire across the world.

The BaconingEdit

In order to destroy the Thongs, DeathSpank must throw the thongs into the Bacon Fire in order to weaken the Anti-Spank. In each part of the World there is one Fire Pit with which

DeathSpank uses. In order to get to these Fires, DeathSpank must help the downtrodden, serve justice and pick a nasty wedgy.There are a total of 5 pits, if you couldn't count.

Bacon Fire LocationsEdit

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