The Nuclear Family is a family of "genuises" that created the Forest of Tomorrow Theme Park in The Baconing . Each Nuclear having a piece of the par dedicated to his or her work. There are 4 members to the Nuclear family (not including the dog, crazy robots and Mutoe).

Family MembersEdit

  1. Dick Nuclear - creator of the self butering bagel. He spends most of his time in the "Pleasuretoriam". Helping cure society's wounds by use of robotic sensual massages.
  2. Betty Nuclear - cleans and cooks at the Foodtoruim and is constatnly waiting on the rest of her family to come together to eat.
  3. Chastity Nuclear - is at that teenage stage in her life and is looking for true love, by using body parts in order to create a perfect boyfriend. Kind of a psycho if you ask me.
  4. Elroy Nuclear - the youngest of the family, Elroy spends most of his time at the Cloneturiam trying to create the perfect best friend and trying to become a genius.

Family ProblemsEdit

For some odd reason, all the Nuclears have a "perfectly fine medical condition" that causes them to explode whenever they are angry or upset. They are immune to it after so long but still looks weird when it happens.

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